Life Is Better When We Unify

Life is the name of our Cardano Stakepool
Ticker symbol: LIFE

Earn the maximum passive income by delegating to LIFE Stakepool!


We have put our life’s earnings as the pledge. We hope that is a good proof about our dedication and commitment. We have put our skin in the game.


Life stakepool is hosted on premium hardware. The block producer and each of the relay nodes have additional RAM and diskspace to ensure the maximum efficiency. 


We have inhouse designers and dedicated resources that monitor the upkeep of the servers 24 x 7.

Stake with LIFE!

LIFE charges the operating margin of only 1% so that 99% of the rewards are distributed to you, the delegators.
Life stakepool is still unsaturated, which means it is an ideal stakepool for maximum returns!!

Serving The Cardano Community

We are dedicated to Cardano. Period. Therefore, our team is coming up with several tools to serve the Cardano community.

Stake Pool Comparisons

We are setting up additional servers to host dbsync and the related infrastructure to allow exploring any of the stake pools. This feature will let users find the stake pool that they can get the best returns from.

Stake Pool Analyzer

The Stake pool analyzer allows to calculate the rewards from any of the existing pools for a given amount of stake. The delegators can use this tool to estimate their earnings to a high degree of precision.

Lets Ada with Life!